Jerry & Bernadette

Who we are

Jerry and I are very excited to have the honor of purchasing one of Clayton’s most beautiful and historic homes! The Morning Glory Inn has been a staple within the Clayton community and our hope is to carry on the traditions that Michael & Betsy Grannis have created and carried on for over 20 years.

The name McWade’s Inn is in honor of my mother, Mary McWade, whose father was born in County Longford in Ireland. One of the many things we have loved about this process is getting to renovate the house with some of our wonderful family and spending quality time together. One thing you will see all around McWade’s inn is The Tree of Life. It is very special to me and symbolizes how all of our families’ roots run deep and sometimes intertwine and return to their roots, which is what some of our children have decided to do!

We now have 2 children and six grandchildren living in County Antrim in Ireland and it’s given us such a love and appreciation for this beautiful country! We can’t wait for you to experience Ireland in the heart of Downtown Clayton.

A Taste of Ireland

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Our History

The Gubitosi’s


Bernadette Gubitosi

Bernadette is from the Bronx. She moved out of the projects when she was 10 and lived in Rockland County until she moved to New Jersey and met Jerry! They married just 1 year later and within that year opened the first restaurant and had their first of seven children. They have seven girls and seven grandchildren.

The oldest of seven moved to Northern Ireland in 2018 with her 6 children. This also enticed 2 more of their children to move there as well. Bernadette’s roots run deep in Ireland and have given her the opportunity to meet cousin’s still living there. They now have a small vacation home in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland that they visit a few times a year to spend time with the family.

Bernadette & Jerry

Jerry Gubitosi

Jerry is from Apice, Benevento Italy which is near Naples.  His family immigrated to America in 1967 when Jerry was just 6 years old.  They settled in the Bronx in an Italian neighborhood on Arthur Avenue and eventually moved to New Jersey.

He began his love of cooking by working with his Mom in the kitchen.  His first experience was working in a busy Italian restaurant/pizzeria called Lorenzo’s in W. Paterson and then moved onto an upscale Italian restaurant where he learned many of his staple dishes.  At just 24 years old, he opened his first restaurant in Hackettstown, NJ and hasn’t stopped since.