One thing you’ll notice when you stay at McWade’s Inn is that we are an Irish-inspired Inn! We truly wanted to bring our Irish roots for people to experience Ireland in the heart of the Downtown Clayton community. 

The name McWade’s Inn is in honor of my mother, Mary McWade, whose father was born in County Longford in Ireland. One thing you will see all around McWade’s inn is The Tree of Life. It is very special to our family and symbolizes how all of our families’ roots run deep and sometimes intertwine and return to their roots, which is what some of our children have decided to do! We now have 2 children and six grandchildren living in County Antrim in Ireland and it’s given us such love and appreciation for this beautiful country! 

One of the many things we have loved about this process is getting to renovate the house with some of our wonderful family and spending quality time together. We can’t wait for you to experience Ireland in the heart of Downtown Clayton. 

Come and experience a taste of Ireland when you book your stay at McWade’s Inn!