Have you ever wondered why our room names are so different from your average hotel, AirBnB, or Inn? Upon restoring McWade’s Inn, we really wanted to give our room names an Irish charm. Each room is named after a different county in Ireland. 


The Antrim Room: Antrim is a northern county in the City of Belfast, Ireland. Belfast is home to C.S. Lewis and Van Morrison and also has the Titanic Museum and some of the best restaurants in the City Center.

The Clare Room: Clare is a beautiful county in Ireland and lies on the west coast along the Atlantic Ocean. The rugged coast boasts the Cliffs of Moher which is a must-see for anyone visiting Ireland.

The Wicklow Room: Wicklow is a beautiful county with breathtaking views just below the busy county of Dublin and is very special to the owners because it was the first county in Ireland Bernadette visited! 

The Longford Room: Longford is the smallest county in the midlands of Ireland and holds a special place in the hearts of the owners, Jerry and Bernadette because that is where their family welcomes them with open arms and where they feel the most at home.

The Donaghadee Room: (Pronounced “daa nuh dee”) Donaghadee is a quaint coastal town with a picturesque harbor and exhilarating views of the Copeland Islands to Scotland. The owners, Jerry and Bernadette also love spending their summers there. This room features calming coastal colors and beach-themed decor to ease your mind and make you feel relaxed while you stay with us.

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